About us

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We would like to tell you the story behind the creation of “Rent a bus”.

For a long period of time a major part of our business involved transportation of people and equipment to remote locations in Bulgaria and the near-by countries. To do so, we needed to hire mini-buses. Usually the vehicles were used as “mobile offices”, stuffed up with complicated and expensive equipment. Finding and hiring such vehicles turned out to be quite expensive and unpleasant experience.

Some of the rental companies offered us only luxurious buses that weren’t very appropriate for any other usage than driving on the highway from point A to point B. One should be very cautious with the usage of such vehicles because the inevitable small damages of the interior and the exterior usually are turning into a big financial problem at the end.

Other companies offered us “budget oriented” buses which sometimes were in such deplorable condition that we refused to hire them for safety reasons.

Of course, there were normal offers including some “strange” general conditions in the rental contracts resulting in very high additional costs. In other cases the mini-buses required professional driving licence, so we had to hire professional driver and we had to cover his accommodation. Again this was bringing us considerable additional costs.

All that inspired us to create the perfect “Rent a bus” service:
– affordable
– with fair and clear general conditions
– our vehicle is reliable and simple with low consumption rate
– requiring only a non-professional driving licence
– convenient for passengers and for large loads at the same time
– a prestigious appearance

But we continued further as we were developing this service. So we decided to be innovative and to implement some of our experience. And now we offer camping and office equipment for rental. You are able to find out more about this here.

Our aim is to provide maximum value for our clients and to spare them all the troubles that we went through.